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Prendre l'air en Montgolfiere, The weather on 4 October was with us for this totally new experience: to climb to 1600 metres in a wicker basket. Cordes-sur-Ciel, 7:30 in the morning, cool, but the rising sun promising a good light for photos and video. The preparation of the balloon was spectacular, and the whole team seemed very experienced and safety conscious. The pilot explained to us how the equipment worked: he showed us the various controls (height and speed) during the flight. It is difficult to explain how we felt during this flight, you have to experience it for yourself! The landing was soft, so thanks again to the whole tem for their professionalism. Hubert et Anne-Marie
montgolfiere albi
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The preparation of the hot-air balloon at this amazing site on the outskirts of Cordes-sur-Ciel, with the medieval city just behind us, was truly impressive. Before getting into the gondola I asked myself if this was really happening. And then there I was, in the air, at 1200 metres, carried by the wind. The landscape with the setting sun in the background took my breath away. I was on my own little cloud. A feeling of wellbeing and calm, I took it all in. I have fulfilled a childhood dream thanks to this wonderful gift that Vincent gave me for my 30th birthday0 One question: when is the next flight? Thank you to all the team. And may the wind carry you safety Carole
montgolfiere albi
A day in September in a hot -air balloon. What a day! An unforgettable experience. After the preparation of the huge balloon, we flew off over the Tarn. It was calm and peaceful. Enchanting - my eyes couldn’t take it all in. At the end of the hour it was time to return to earth, I didn’t notice the time passing. In addition, behind this unforgettable morning, there is a very, very good team, a warm and friendly welcome, what can one say? Thanks to all the team, and to my children who gave me these magic moments, I am ready to take-off again, with the same team. Marie-Josée
16/10/2011, Magnificent weather for a remarkable open- air flight. Not to be missed. Great team. Worth a detour. A+ for a unique experience. JP&L  
My maiden flight in a hot-air balloon has been both a discovery and an extraordinary experience, beginning with the spectacular inflation of the balloon, then the climb and the flight itself. The landscape was magnificent because, at this altitude, no detail is missed; one has a view of everything, which enables you to discover the topography that you thought you knew but that you have only now really discovered. Thanks you and congratulations to the team who have planned everything so that this flight would be a real treat.                                                                                                                            Anne-Marie
montgolfiere albi
I was thrilled by this wonderful experience, by the warmth of the reception and the skill of the young pilot. I am ready to go again. Suzanne S.
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